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We are one of the entities that have initiated ideas called SMETalks basically during the Covid - 19 pandemic and the main objective of it is to support, solve and help SMEs in the UAE.

It is an initiative that is not a government entity or an association, rather it is an initiative that started in the UAE but did not stop at the UAE it expanded beyond UAE to cover the GAC countries which are Gulf, Africa, and CIS countries.

I think the main element of SMETalks is B2B connectivity that does marketing, communication so this is what I call an initiative by the UAE to the world and we are taking in baby steps in certain stages but we are moving very fast to deliver a product that will be able to at least bridge some of gap between the SME community in GAC.

We  are going to cater each product for SMEs and what we aim to do in the future is to make this a product that you guys are proud of.

Walid Hareb Al Falahi

Founder of SMETalks