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Its October of 2020 and as we’ve been quarantined for the better half of this year, I think we can all safely say that we’ve noticed an exponential increase in digital marketing efforts everywhere. Digital marketing has become an inescapable part of how we do business, not just as SMEs but big corporations have joined the digital marketing race as well. Now a lot of people might misconstrue what digital marketing is for social media marketing, which is a part of the vast expanse of digital marketing. Digital marketing is essentially utilizing online marketing channels such as search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, social media marketing, blogging, and video marketing. Today we will talk about social media marketing and its impact in our daily routine life.

You’re probably wondering, if digital marketing is the right path to market your business as an SME. Well, here is a fun fact in 2020 the UAE’s population consists of 9.83 million people, 9.73 million of those people happen to be active on social media that makes up 98.98% of the country’s population theoretically viable candidates for your marketing efforts. But let’s talk about target audience since it is highly improbable that all 9.83 million people will be the correct fit for what you offer, you would have to sift through to reach the people that will most likely be interested in your business, this makes your marketing efforts more effective and not as costly.

Choosing right product, right place and right time is crucial today.

Did you know that each social media platform caters to a different age group? TikTok is aimed at 14-24-year old’s, Instagram is aimed at 18-34-year old’s, then comes Facebook with 65 years and over as the fastest growing age group on the platform. Marketing your products on social media through paid Ads will help you reach your target audience, generate traffic to your website, and generate leads a thus boosting sales not to mention advertising online is incredibly cost effective. This just shows that you should market to a specific market segment that is aligned with your customer profile.

A truly underestimated marketing tool amongst SMEs are SEOs and a frightening number of SMEs don’t use SEO which actually helps you gain organic attraction to your website thus making SMEs not as visible on Google searches or on social media.

SMEs are the future, and the digital transition is the tool to pave the way for SME success. Do you agree?

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